In-house processes automation

Our goal is to help organizations navigate better in the flood of new innovative technologies and choose the most appropriate transformation strategy. We realize that for many organizations, the lack of orientation in the field of existing functional solutions and the fear of having to invest heavily at the very beginning of these solutions tend to be an insurmountable problem.

Therefore, all of our services meet two basic conditions: they are available for any type of organization, private or public, and allow verification of the efficiency of the chosen solution at a very low entry cost. Techstra deliver innovative solutions for the optimization and automation of in-house processes, not only to private organizations, but also to government. Our integration of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with other technologies (OCR/NLP/AI methods) brings innovative solutions, that increase the value of the work of employees of individual organizations.

100 +
processes delivered

10 +
business sectors covered

250 000 +
working hours automated


We believe, that we humans are destined to work creatively and communicate with each other and thus to create higher values. At present, a large number of employees at all levels are overwhelmed with routine actions that prevent them from realizing their real potential and thus achieving a higher value of the work they do. The vast majority of routine activities can be left to new, highly efficient and innovative technologies. These technologies are the basis of our solution.

Our clients:


We began working with Tieto Czech Republic, one of TietoEVRY’s software centers, in 2018. Our primary reason for our initial collaboration was our consultancy services to introduce available RPA tools… Read more


We started to cooperate with the business process service provider OKIN BPS more than three years ago, namely the human resources department and the recruitment process was chosen as the first process… Read more


As a part of RPA deployment, we automated 4 processes for Management support department and Personnel services department. With automation of these processes, we freed client employees’ hands especially during work… Read more 

Fresenius Kabi

To support the Freseniu Kabi customer care department, we automated the delivery note processing process, which informs all Czech and Slovak customers of Fresenius Kabi medical products about the order process… Read more 

Atlas Copco

For the Atlas Copco Shared Services Center (SSC) in Brno, we helped create a Center of Excellence (CoE) for the use of modern technologies such as (RPA) Robotic Process Automation and ChatBot…
Read more 

Liberty Ostrava

As a pilot project at Liberty Ostrava, we automated the process of receiving and processing orders for the largest Czech customer of steel blanks. Subsequently, the RPA production infrastructure was built, to which we supplied… Read more 

The Regional Authority of the Moravian-Silesian region provides an agenda for 17 internal departments (53 departments in total). The main function of the Office is to provide public services to 1.2 million inhabitants of the region. The Moravian-Silesian region is located in the north-eastern territory of the Czech Republic on the border with Poland and the Slovak Republic. As part of its strategy of “Transport and Smart Region”, the Regional Authority aims to improve the quality of life… Read more


We perform an independent analysis of your organization and define the most appropriate digital strategy

Solution design
We will design the most suitable technology according to the character and condition of your operation

Proof of Concept
We are working with you on a short-term pilot project that will provide comprehensive background information for a sound strategic decision

Automation Program
Comprehensive support for your digital transformation

Continuous support
We will ensure operation and development of the selected solution for you

We will bring your internal staff to a higher technological level

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